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Seal Petanque Club are now firmly established at The White Rock, a good pub with a large number of customers turning up for a Sunday lunch in a beautiful Kent countryside setting.


Seal PC's annual exchange relationship with the French petanque club of Montreuil sur Mer goes back 40 years and the Montreuil town mayor hosted a champagne reception for the teams in the special room in the Mairie, which was used by Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig as his operational HQ in the first world war.


Practice nights every Tuesday (March to October) 7.30 onwards – weather permitting. Kent League matches played Wednesday nights + occasional weekend events throughout the Summer.


All visitors to The White Rock, at Underriver, are welcome to join in and learn this simple, yet fascinating game.

Seal Petanque Club is a club with a long tradition. For us, it's not all about serious training: we love it when our teams win, but we're just as enthusiastic about our groups that simply meet for fun.


We don't differentiate between our members. Anyone is welcome to join us. Our qualified trainers are team members just like anyone else and will be happy to tell you more about the sports activities we offer and help you find the place that's right for you.


We're always happy to welcome new members who are interested in joining in with club activities, helping us organise events or excursions and being part of our community.

The original home of Seal P.C. was at the CROWN P.H. Seal. Sad to say that the CROWN PH is now closed….for good by the looks of it…..with a new sturdy gate stopping access to what was the rear garden and petanque pistes.

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First time FREE!!


Player Safety

As members of the Kent Petanque Association and English Petanque Association (EPA), Seal Petanque Club are required to abide by strict rules when it comes to safety on the piste.   All our members subscribe to EPA Insurance and it is the Club’s responsibility to ensure that visiting players are suitably covered when playing as our guests.  The EPA ruling on visiting players allows for individual visitors to play three times under EPA Insurance before joining a registered Club.


First time FREE… then £3 membership contribution

At Seal Petanque Club (SPC) we interpret the EPA ruling on three visits by making no charge for an individual’s first visit, but then asking for just £3 for second and third visits.  These charges are then offset against the annual SPC membership fee of £30 per head, which includes EPA Insurance contribution.

We hope that you appreciate the need for this structured approach and will want to join the Club after your third visit..