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Set the Boules rolling this Summer – competitive fun for all ages!

That strange game that’s played all over France or on beaches around the UK is becoming an increasingly popular pastime … and Kent is its epicentre!

When we say “boules” we should more properly be using the word “petanque”, derived from the French for “feet anchored”.  It is this form of the sport that is played here in the UK.

All over the county there are Petanque Clubs in Pubs and Sports Clubs putting out as many as 10 teams every week in the Kent League. There are National events and International events too, with the current England squad all belonging to one Club in Kent.

The joy of Petanque is that it is a simple game to learn and enjoy from the very start.  Whether you’re 8 or 80, as long as you can hold a steel boule, about the size of a cricket ball, and have a reasonable eye you can join in and learn from more experienced players.

Seal Petanque Club, who have their Club at The White Rock Inn at Underriver in Sevenoaks, have just celebrated their 40th Anniversary and are gearing up now for the new season which will begin at Easter.   Seal PC have members from 13 to mid-70s, all of whom play together regularly with teams in the 2nd and 5th Divisions of the Kent League.  

Beginners (or those who have maybe played a bit on holiday in France) are welcome to come and join in on Club Night, which is every Tuesday (weather permitting) from 7.30pm starting at Easter.  Here you can play alongside our Club members who will provide you with Boules and teach you the basics of the game.  On a Summer’s evening this is a very pleasurable way to enjoy a team game and, maybe, enjoy a pint whilst you play!

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