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Shooting: shooting is the act of hitting (aggressive but not necessarily forceful) an opponent’s boules  out of the way. Shooting is an option if your opponent’s ball is difficult to out-point which would otherwise cause your team to waste balls in trying.

Tire à la rafle: shooting along the ground. Shot by throwing your ball a few feet in front of the opponent's ball in order that it may slide and hit it. This technique can be pretty devastating in certain circumstances as boules can fly off in all directions. To be used only when the  terrain is rather flat.

Tire devant (one bounce shot): using less force but greater precision.

The boule is thrown to land about one to two meters in front of the object to be shot and is often deadly because your ball often stays around within the area.

Tire au fer: the classic shot, is a direct boule-to-boule hit. With this shot you aim to strike the target boule directly with a looping shot. A direct hit with a looping shot in the right spot on the target boule can produce a ..carreau.. (cah­roh): the played boule removes the target and remains in the head, or a ..carreau sur place.. where the played boule remains exactly where the target had been. Backspin of your boule is a key factor. Even if you do not achieve a carreau the looping trajectory and backspin mean that even after an oblique hit your boule may stay in the head.

Basic shooting techniques:

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